Grandma$Grandpa’s Treasures


Price NZD $22.00 This little darling is my precious ballerina baby. I made her 20 years ago from polymer clay . This design was so special I decided to have her casted into resin so I could change the color of her hair and dress. I absolutely love this little girl. I only offer her […]

Our First Christmas

  Price 19.00 This is one of my favorites. When I first got married I looked all over for a Christmas decoration that would be perfect for my first Christmas with my husband.I couldn’t find anything that I could personalise. Well that was a long time ago, but this is still one of my favorites. This […]

Brown cow

  Price is 16.00 When I lived in  New Jersey in the USA we saw many cows. This cow was inspired by the cows from jersey I would pass every day on my way to a job along time ago in a land far, far away. I can also make this cow in black and […]

Rugby Jersey

PriceL NZD 12.00 Available in black, blue, red, white, yellow, green or as requested upon ordering.

Price: NZD 14.00 Available in baby blue, baby pink, classic green, white with gold and white with silver.

Blue Tractor

by Tina Dudley on July 30, 2012

in Boys' Toys, Grandma$Grandpa's Treasures, Name Plates

Blue Tractor

Price: NZD 12.00 Availble in Blue, Red and Green. Request your colour when ordering.

Baby Boot

16 September 2011

//* NO IMAGE*// When I first started making ornaments, I had several people helping me make decoartions. One of my elves made the baby boots . I wasn’t sure about it. But I belive in letting people be creative so I gave it a go. Now we have Baby’s First Christmas Boot. Until the Baby star […]

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Snow Family With Babies

13 September 2011
Snow Family

  This ornament is perfect for a growing family. You can start out with just the couple and purchase add on grandchildren.I have had mother in laws buy this ornament along with extra babies to let their children know just how many grandchildren they expect. This is also a good ornament for offices, or small […]

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Our Little Angel

3 September 2011

This ornament has a habit to make Grandma’s and Nana’s alike cry. I don’t mean to make them cry, but when I personalise this to say Grandma’s Little Angel with the date and the name of her grandbaby, She usualy crys. This star comes with one to nine faces. So all of Grandma’s Little Angels can […]

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Christmas Cross

25 August 2011
Red Cross

  When I first starting making ornaments I had what I thought were unusal requests. People would request ornaments to remember love ones who had pasted. At first it freaked me out. After my Mother pasted the request didn’t freak me out any more. I designed several pieces to remember my mother and other people […]

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Purple Star

24 August 2011
Purple Star

  This ornament was a happy mistake. We had a lot of purple clay laying around and we just starting making purple stars. My husband thought I was crazy. We sold out of all these stars in the first show 3 years ago, we now make them on purpose. This star is popular with the […]

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Baby’s 1st Christmas Star

16 August 2011
Pink Baby Star

  When I got married our first christmas tree was so sad. I didn’t have any ornaments to hang on my tree. I bought some store bought ornaments to put on the tree, but the tree felt empty. I grew up with a Christmas tree filled with hand made  ornaments that were made by my brother and sisters in […]

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Paua Shell Hearts

16 September 2010
Paua Heart Sparkles

  This ornament was another one of my wonderful accidents. My children had helped me roll out some hearts for Valentines Day and they made them out of white. I couldn’t use them for Valentines day, so I added some Paua shell pieces I had. I had been trying some designs to use Paua shell […]

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16 September 2010
Snowman Bue

I created this little guy because customers wanted ornaments  that were smaller and in differnt colours so they could give the same design for multiple  grand children. This ornament is great for first christmas or just to give instead of a chirstmas card. This little snowman comes in four colours: green, red, blue and purple, […]

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Small Red Boot

13 August 2010
Small Christmas Boot

  When the reccession hit I had to get creative so I could still produce a quality product and keep my business a float thru the hard times. Customers have been asking for smaller ornaments for years, so I jumped to the challenge and reduced the size of some of my designs. The result is […]

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Family Christmas Wreath

6 June 2010
Family Wreath - 5

Give your friends a memory for Christmas. This ornament can be personalised with up to 9 names and a family name and year.

This of course will be personalised for you at NO additinal charge:)

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Family Christmas Tree

6 June 2010

This keepsake decoration can be personalised with up to 14 names, the year and the family name. Start ccollecting ornaments to remember how your family looked year after year.

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