Heavenly Angels

Little Angel

by Tina Dudley on July 30, 2012

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Little Angel

Price: NZD 12.00 Availbale as pictured only.

Price: NZD 14.00 Available in baby blue, baby pink, classic green, white with gold and white with silver.

Memory Dove

by Tina Dudley on October 2, 2011

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Memory Dove

When I first started making Christmas ornments I used to get request for memory ornments. At first I was freaked out, but now after losing my mom a few years back I understand. So this memeory dove is in memory for my mom. We made Christmas decoartions ever since I could remember. So making Christmas […]

White and Silver Cross

by Tina Dudley on September 9, 2011

in Heavenly Angels

  I started making this cross as a memorial cross for a friends husband that had died. This cross is perfect for a special memorial ornament or a gift for a family. This cross can have name hearts on it or plain. This cross also comes in red and white. The Price is $12.00.


This ornament has a habit to make Grandma’s and Nana’s alike cry. I don’t mean to make them cry, but when I personalise this to say Grandma’s Little Angel with the date and the name of her grandbaby, She usualy crys. This star comes with one to nine faces. So all of Grandma’s Little Angels can […]

Red Cross

  When I first starting making ornaments I had what I thought were unusal requests. People would request ornaments to remember love ones who had pasted. At first it freaked me out. After my Mother pasted the request didn’t freak me out any more. I designed several pieces to remember my mother and other people […]