In Memory Of

Fire Truck

Price: NZD 13.00 Available in red only.

Price: NZD 14.00 Available in baby blue, baby pink, classic green, white with gold and white with silver.


This ornament has a habit to make Grandma’s and Nana’s alike cry. I don’t mean to make them cry, but when I personalise this to say Grandma’s Little Angel with the date and the name of her grandbaby, She usualy crys. This star comes with one to nine faces. So all of Grandma’s Little Angels can […]

Christchurch Star

by Tina Dudley on September 3, 2011

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Last Christmas I had a lot of requesst for Christchurch earthquake ornaments. At first I didn’t feel inspired to make any. Well, 7500 earthquakes later and my house needing to be demoed. I got inspired. I choose to make a star because the people of Canterbury and Christchurch are super stars. I have had Student Volunteers at my house and […]

Red Cross

  When I first starting making ornaments I had what I thought were unusal requests. People would request ornaments to remember love ones who had pasted. At first it freaked me out. After my Mother pasted the request didn’t freak me out any more. I designed several pieces to remember my mother and other people […]

Purple Star

  This ornament was a happy mistake. We had a lot of purple clay laying around and we just starting making purple stars. My husband thought I was crazy. We sold out of all these stars in the first show 3 years ago, we now make them on purpose. This star is popular with the […]

Silver Cat

20 August 2011
Silevr cat

Every one in the family needs a christmas decoration even the cat and dog. This ornament comes in white,black,silver,ginger. This ornament is $10.00 plus postage.

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