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Christmas Cross

by Tina Dudley on August 25, 2011

in Christmas Classics, Family, Grandma$Grandpa's Treasures, Heavenly Angels, In Memory Of, One Of A Kind

 Red Cross

When I first starting making ornaments I had what I thought were unusal requests. People would request ornaments to remember love ones who had pasted. At first it freaked me out. After my Mother pasted the request didn’t freak me out any more.

I designed several pieces to remember my mother and other people who have passed.

Also as a Christian, The cross has special meaning to me. The cross also reminds me of the ultimate sacrifice my Lord and Savior made for me so I could go to heaven one day.

This Christmas Cross can also have little hearts that I can personalise to turn this cross into a family ornament.

The cross comes in Red and White and Silver and White.

This ornament is $12.00 plus postage.