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Family Christmas Tree

by Tina Dudley on June 6, 2010

in Grandma$Grandpa's Treasures

This keepsake decoration can be personalised with up to 14 names, the year and the family name. Start ccollecting ornaments to remember how your family looked year after year.

I painted ceramics all during my childhood and love it. I wasn’t as good as a painter as my friend Jodi or as mom as my mom but living in Buffalo, New York  we painted ceramics to pass the winter months away. Fast forward a million years . I opened a shop and was looking to carry personalised christmas decorations. I search high and low to find ornaments that had charter and that ticked all my boxes. All the companies I tried to order from were always sold out. So I guessed the market had room for one more. So I started playing around with clay. My friend Laura who was very crafty and already into Polymer clay introduced me and the rest is history.

This is the ornament that started it all. Way back 18 years ago I started making christmas ornaments.First I made them for friends and family and then there friends and family wanted some and so son and so on. A Personalised Place was born. I wanted to creat ornamnets that would last and that would truly reflect waht my family looked like.

This design is still (18 years later!) selling strong. I have added colores and add some sizes but the basic design is still the same.

This of course will be personalised for you at NO additinal charge:)

1-6 faces – $ 12.00

7-10 faces – $14.00