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Our Little Angel

by Tina Dudley on September 3, 2011

in Baby Zone, Christmas Classics, Family, Girly Girls, Grandma$Grandpa's Treasures, Heavenly Angels, In Memory Of

nana's little angel, star, yellow, handcrafted christmas ornaments

This ornament has a habit to make Grandma’s and Nana’s alike cry. I don’t mean to make them cry, but when I personalise this to say Grandma’s Little Angel with the date and the name of her grandbaby, She usualy crys.

This star comes with one to┬ánine faces. So all of Grandma’s Little Angels can go on a special ornament. I know that they are not always angels but for one moment in time at least on the ornament all kids become, Nana’s Little Angels. Can you here the harps and the magical “Ahhhhhh” in the back ground? Complete with harps?

The ornament is priced

1-5 face $12.00

6-9 faces $14.00