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Matau – Hook Applique

by Tina Dudley on September 25, 2012

in Kiwiana

The hook has always been a very important tool to the Maori.
It allowed them to fish and to provide for their tribes.  Fishing provided the major part of what the Maori call Kai Moana, which means ‘Food from the sea’.
Far from its once useful and determining usage, the fish hook is nowadays an artistic tool.
It is mainly used for decoration, jewellery, tattoos as well as art, nevertheless it still remains at the core of the culture of the Maori.
According to Maori mythology, Maui, who was a demi god, carved a hook from his grandmother’s jawbone to fish up the North Island of New Zealand.
This is why hooks are now considered as a symbol of leadership or a badge of authority.  There are several fish hook shapes, each representing famous Maori designs. Price is $19.00