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Our Second Day…

by Tina Dudley on July 14, 2013

in Japan

Well This is our second full day in Japan. I am exhausted and I feel like I have been run over with a truck. I hope this feeling ends soon.

So much has happened I need to start some where so, At the airport I am once again reminded that I am not a famous person. A news crew was there but they declined to interview me they didn’t even ask me . They just looked at Kevin and decided he was not  a cricketer guy.  I was able to use one of the few words in Japanese I know( Tīshatsu) as we purchased three  t-shirts in Sydney and you would have thought that they were a million dollars.In the end we didn’t have to pay anything or at least we have not gotten a bill as of yet. We went threw several customs screenings  and I was prepared with letters about our prescription drugs. We had letters and to my disappointment they were not needed. We went threw Beijing and after there security check I needed a cigarette. As the pat down was quite intense.

The flight was long and we were accosted by children the whole way here. I love kids I hope to have grand kids one day but six kids inflecting they bad behavior on us was hard to handle. It really is not the kids fault it is the parents as they were clueless on what to do. We had four screaming children on the first leg of the trip. The mothers kept trying to sneak in first class. One mum tried to change her child’s diaper in an empty first class seat. If I was a paying customer I would be upset. I had to set a man straight as he wanted to use our isle as a through fare threw the cabin. After he rudely crawled over us the first time I gave him a talking to and said this was not on. The bathroom on the plane were disgusting and I suggest no one ever fly Air China as the crew were terrible and the toilet made me want to cross my legs and get a hepatitis shot . I will never fly Air China again. Well we are here enough complaining I have so much to blog about so on with it.