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Paua Shell Hearts

by Tina Dudley on September 16, 2010

in Animal World, Christmas Classics, Girly Girls, Grandma$Grandpa's Treasures


Paua Heart Sparkles

This ornament was another one of my wonderful accidents. My children had helped me roll out some hearts for Valentines Day and they made them out of white. I couldn’t use them for Valentines day, so I added some Paua shell pieces I had. I had been trying some designs to use Paua shell because, I thought Paua was so beautiful and I wanted to capture this beauty in my designs. So the Paua shell heart was born. Some of our most popular way to personalise are:

Love From New Zealand, I left my heart in New Zealand,Christchurch New Zealand. This ornament also looks great with just a name on it.

A variety of designs made with Paua Shells, may slightly very.

It could be personalised with names of places or people and the year.

To add details for free personalisation ( in the comments section of our form) use code

Price: $ 12.00 each