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Video Door Bells In Japan

by Tina Dudley on August 22, 2013

in Japan

Since being in Japan I am a little confused over safety. Everyone says how safe Japan is, but there are bars on many windows in Japan. They also have many pull down metal doors. There is not much graffiti in Japan so that is a plus. So if Japan is so safe than why all the security. Take for instance; most homes have a video door bell. When someone comes to your door, you have a few buttons and options on what to do. One you can push a button and say, Hello, I will be right there. You can also push a button and the person at your door has no idea that you are looking at them and deciding if you are going to answer your door. This is very good for door to door sales men; yes we have them here too, or to avoid the TV police who want to catch you watching TV and make you pay a TV tax. We don’t have a TV so that is not the case.

One night there was some noises going on outside, so I couldn’t sleep. So, I turned on the video doorbell to see if I could figure out what was making all the noise.  I stood there watching it like a bad TV show from CBS. I stood there watching each noise and expecting to finally see my neighbor who has been avoiding me pop out from the apartment below. I expected the neighbor to come out from the left. I waited for what seemed like an hour. In reality it was really 3 minutes or so, then to my surprise my other neighbor who gave us the six pack of beer, came out and jumped on a bike and rode off. I was so not expecting that. It was like my TV show had a plot change that no one expected to see.  Then he came back and moved some cars around. To me the lonely, bored housewife who has been without a TV for some time now, it was like watching an episode of CSI Back Alley. All I could think of was, I wasn’t expecting that. The lesson I learned that night. I need to get more friends and activities in my life and maybe buy a TV. If watching my door bell gives this kind of excitement, I will need some serious mental health help soon. Little things in my life in Japan are way too exciting for me to handle at times. I really do need to get out more. Do video door bells make Japan safer? Not sure as of yet. They are at time of sleeplessness very entertaining and informative.  I really do need to get a life.